Vine of the times

By Keith Stewart in

Issue 3325 31st Jan 2004

It is referred to and thought of as one of our "glamour" industries, but New Zealand's winemakers face some tough choices in the very near future. Can they grow beyond the reputation as good sauvignon blanc exporters? Can they compete on quality rather than price? And, perhaps most of all, can they

Real Aussie battlers

By Colin Peacock in

Issue 3325 31st Jan 2004

"For those who've come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share," says Australia's national anthem - a hollow sentiment for the hundreds locked up indefinitely under Australia's controversial policy of mandatory detention.

Our first great wretch

By Steve Braunias in

Issue 3325 31st Jan 2004

Two new biographies draw completely different portraits of Robert FitzRoy - captain of the Beagle on Darwin's famous voyage, and Governor of New Zealand immediately after the Treaty of Waitangi signing, who committed suicide at the end of a career marked by failure, depression and good intentions.

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