The big C

By Bruce Ansley in

Issue 3351 31st Jul 2004

When it comes to surviving cancer, you are better off living in Australia - or just about any developed country - than here. So check your symptoms.

With God on their side

By Sally Blundell in

Issue 3351 31st Jul 2004

Increasingly, New Zealanders are demanding that schools give their children religious instruction - especially as a way to teach values like trust and honesty. But is religious extremism being stopped at the school gates?

The spying dame

By Matt Nippert in

Issue 3351 31st Jul 2004

Former MI5 head Stella Rimington was the model for Judi Dench's "M" - she's a shaker not a stirrer, which is why her former employers okayed her new foray into terrorism fiction.

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