Balancing beauty

By Jane Clifton in

Issue 3359 25th Sep 2004

Television's extreme body makeover programmes won't tell you the truth about the cost in terms of risk, recovery time or the degree of pain you're likely to experience. What should you know before getting anything done?

Russian front

By Lloyd Jones in

Issue 3359 25th Sep 2004

"State actress of the Nazi regime", alleged Soviet spy, glamorous star of a story that links Chekhov to Hitler to Elvis - Olga Chekhova was, above all, a survivor.

Oliver Driver

By Olivia Kember in

Issue 3359 25th Sep 2004

What hasn't he done? With intimidating energy, he has bounded all over the local performing arts scene, and frequently popped up on the telly. The obligatory stint as Mike the nurse on Shortland Street gave little hint of the future director of a play about vaginas, but his versatility at Theatresports

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