Greatest risk

By Lindsay Mitchell in Current Affairs

Joining the debate about child poverty, Lindsay Mitchell pinpoints the problems and panaceas.

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Feature/ The Internaut

34 brilliant words for defeat

By Toby Manhire

Feature/ The Internaut

Hollywood no longer wants to make you laugh

By Toby Manhire

Current Affairs

List in translation

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By Catherine Woulfe

The Sensible Sentencing Trust and the Police Minister are at odds over the question of a register for sex offenders. But a former UK police expert with


34 brilliant words for defeat

By Toby Manhire

Why simply get beaten when you could be shellacked, marmalised or rumbusticated?


Celebrating women

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By Francesca Horsley

Tales of the heroism and ingenuity of wahine are told in Okareka’s beautiful and profound new production.


The butterfly effect

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By Guy Somerset

What was to have been a 20th-birthday celebration exhibition for the Holloway Press is now a wake.


The fats of life

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By Mark Broatch

Why the author of The Big Fat Surprise says the story about fat, carbs and cholesterol is changing.

TV & Entertainment


The other side of it

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By Alexander Bisley

Director Rolf de Heer hopes Charlie’s Country leads to more white Australians understanding Aboriginal frustrations.


Caption competition 85

Try your hand at this week's caption competition.


Michael Leunig: The heart of the matter

By Diana Wichtel

Cartoonists speak “for the other lot”, says Michael Leunig, a living treasure and equal-opportunity pain in the arse.

The Influentials

Influentials: Events that defined a nation

By The Listener

We look back at key moments in New Zealand history.

From Our Archive

‘I was a middle-class junkie’

A new generation of addicts are turning to grass-roots 12-step movements that offer hope for lasting recovery. One member tells his story.


July 19, 2014

COVER STORY: The fats of life

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