All the lonely people

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By Sally Blundell in Social Issues

Everyone experiences loneliness, but as you get older it can be more difficult to stave off, with potentially devastating consequences.

Regime madness

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By Guyon Espiner in Books

The war on a drugs is an abject failure, says author Johann Hari, who is pushing the benefits of decriminalising most illicit substances.

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Feature/ Comps

Caption competition: April 4, 2015

By The Listener

Feature/ Psychology

A cricketers’ guide to not choking

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By Marc Wilson

Current Affairs

Turning tables

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By Suze Metherell

Fewer women are taking their place in New Zealand boardrooms despite earnest attempts at greater gender balance.


Oh, happy day

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By Bill Ralston

It’s a sad state of affairs when we’re only the 13th happiest land on Earth.


Friends indeed

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By Stephen Jewell

In AD Miller’s new novel, a couple of mates are haunted by the very ties that bind them.


Best laid plans

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By Bernard Carpinter

Bernard Carpinter’s round-up of the latest crime novels.


Travellers’ checklist

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By Bill Lennox

Bill Lennox knows how your Asian holiday will turn out – before you even set foot on the plane.

TV & Entertainment


On at the movies: April 4, 2015

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By Helene Wong

Helene Wong reviews Dior and I; the New Zealand International Film Festival; plus our take on films now showing.


Caption competition: April 4, 2015

By The Listener

Try your hand at this week's caption competition.


Michael Leunig: The heart of the matter

By Diana Wichtel

Cartoonists speak “for the other lot”, says Michael Leunig, a living treasure and equal-opportunity pain in the arse.

The Influentials

Influentials: Events that defined a nation

By The Listener

We look back at key moments in New Zealand history.

From Our Archive

'I would rather be with you'

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By Kirsty Cameron

A trove of wartime letters from Kirsty Cameron's grandfather to her father reveals a soldier’s loving guidance to his young son.


April 4, 2015

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By The Listener

COVER STORY: Why loneliness can be more deadly than smoking and alcoholism.

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