‘One day she woke up and decided she didn’t have a life …’

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By Nicky Pellegrino in Health

Renowned neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki was at a profound low point, with no life outside work, when she discovered that a workout for the body and brain

Mode of ambition

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By Guyon Espiner in Social Issues

Jim Mather, the head of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, has written a controversial thesis that examines what’s helping and hindering Maori economic development.

Feature/ Editorial

Call Helen

By The Listener

Feature/ The Internaut

Child’s play

By Toby Manhire

Current Affairs

More flight than fight

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By Jane Clifton

Evidence of prison fight contests deserves more than a “review”.


Call Helen

By The Listener

Labour’s demonising of an ethnic minority on the basis of highly questionable data stirs up a shameful memory of our past.


Short cuts

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By James Belfield

James Belfield reviews new releases from Nozinja, and Ron Samsom and the Neutrino Funk Experience.


Sex & love & rock ’n’ roll

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By Stephen Jewell

Jane Cornwell chronicles a lifetime of love affairs and the soundtrack to them.


Health briefs

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By Ruth Nichol

Sweating off old age; how to test babies at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome; and the problems associated with standing for long periods of time.

TV & Entertainment


On at the movies: July 25, 2015

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By Helene Wong

Helene Wong reviews Mr Holmes and Learning To Drive, plus our take on films now showing.


Caption competition: August 1, 2015

By The Listener

Try your hand at this week's caption competition.


Michael Leunig: The heart of the matter

By Diana Wichtel

Cartoonists speak “for the other lot”, says Michael Leunig, a living treasure and equal-opportunity pain in the arse.

The Influentials

Influentials: Events that defined a nation

By The Listener

We look back at key moments in New Zealand history.

From Our Archive

Letters: Lecretia Seales

By The Listener

Our readers' letters on Lecretia Seales and the right to die debate.


August 1, 2015

By The Listener

Move your body; change your brain: Famed neuroscientist on the moves that boost learning, memory and mood.

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