The first real hope

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By Donna Chisholm in Health

A new group of drugs that target the immune system is being hailed as the most revolutionary cancer treatment in decades.

Culture club

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By Paul Thomas in Sport

Rugby has been unable to escape the big upheavals in our society in recent decades, and the Polynesian presence in our teams is now part of what makes

Feature/ Film

New Zealand International Film Festival

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By Mark Broatch

Feature/ Bulletin from Abroad

Grexit schmexit

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By David Hall

Current Affairs

Block busters

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By Peter Griffin

What to do when the global-mode plug gets pulled.


Letters: July 11, 2015

By The Listener

Retirees and the SuperGold card; non-voluntary euthanasia; Come Dine With Me; irritating radio promos; and giving to Hope & Homes.


In living memory

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By Diana Morrow

The realisation of an idea conceived three decades ago, Greg McGee’s new novel finds the past within the present.


Night shifts

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By Chris Bell

A nocturnal history of Britain’s capital leads readers to some dark places.


No more, Mr Nasty Guy

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By Marc Wilson

As co-operation is our default setting, workplace bullies tend to walk all over us.

TV & Entertainment


On at the movies: July 4, 2015

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By Helene Wong

Helene Wong reviews Love & Mercy and The Falling, plus our take on films now showing.


Caption competition: July 11, 2015

By The Listener

Try your hand at this week's caption competition.


Michael Leunig: The heart of the matter

By Diana Wichtel

Cartoonists speak “for the other lot”, says Michael Leunig, a living treasure and equal-opportunity pain in the arse.

The Influentials

Influentials: Events that defined a nation

By The Listener

We look back at key moments in New Zealand history.

From Our Archive

Letters: Lecretia Seales

By The Listener

Our readers' letters on Lecretia Seales and the right to die debate.


July 11, 2015

By The Listener

Cancer drug revolution: Exciting new immune therapy may act in 'virtually every cancer'

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