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Words of the war warriors

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By Guyon Espiner in

Issue 3886 23rd Oct 2014

Historian Monty Soutar has dedicated his life to telling military stories. In a new book, he’ll chronicle World War I through the eyes of Maori soldiers – all he needs to do so is the letters they sent home.

Naked truth

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By Diana Wichtel in

Issue 3886 23rd Oct 2014

An artistic inclination to put it out there runs in the family, but there’s method in the madness of Lena Dunham, star and creator of critically acclaimed TV show Girls.

Your unsecret life

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By Donna Chisholm in

Issue 3885 16th Oct 2014

Your smartphone can reveal much more about you than most realise, and for those in the know they’re silent witnesses of everything from infidelity to murder.

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