Bill Ralston

(@BillyRalston) Bill Ralston’s career as a journalist, editor and broadcaster, working in television, radio and print in New Zealand spanned more than thirty years. During this time he worked for TVNZ, TV3, ACP magazines and also contracted for various roles with Sky TV, RadioWorks, NZ Magazines, Fairfax,

Brian Easton

In the 30 years in which he has been writing the Listener’s economics column, Dr Brian Easton has reported on and analysed the evolution of the New Zealand economy, often predicting changes long before the conventional wisdom has recognised them. He holds positions in four New Zealand universities,

David Larsen

(@leaflemming) When David Larsen was 10 years old, he read his first Spider-Man comic and discovered that Spider-Man is secretly a freelance newspaper photographer. He recalled that Superman works for a newspaper as well. Young Larsen set out to become a freelance journalist, reasoning that superpowers

Diana Wichtel

(@DianaWichtel) Diana Wichtel joined the Listener in 1984, armed only with a portable typewriter, a ghetto blaster for recording interviews and a love of the media acquired during a childhood spent in a darkened room in Vancouver, reading magazines while watching television. She lives in Auckland

Fiona Rae

(@listenerlounge) Fiona Rae is an Auckland journalist who has made a lazy pastime into an exciting career. She has been writing about television for the Listener since 2004, and before that was a teacher, a radio DJ, and a radio journalist. She is the mother of two interesting boys, the partner of

Guy Somerset

(@GuySomerset) Guy Somerset is Books & Culture editor of the New Zealand Listener. You can follow his stray thoughts and the fruits of his Web grazing on Twitter (and sometimes on Facebook).

Hamish Keith

(@hamish_keith) Without actually intending to, Hamish Keith has done almost everything there is to do in the arts. In 1958 he started work as a student assistant at the Auckland Art Gallery and 60 years later is now self-employed as a cultural curmudgeon and cultural odd job man. In the bits in between

Helene Wong

I’ve spent years trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Not there yet – having too much fun – but for now, writing’s good.

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