Revisit: Rob Cameron, cancer and hope

By Ruth Laugesen In Commentary, Health

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8th May, 2012 Leave a Comment

Rob Cameron in April 2011. Photo: David White

When investment banker Rob Cameron spoke to the Listener a year ago for our cover story Cancer and Hope, he was battling metastatic lung cancer with the help of not only chemotherapy, but also a rigorous diet, exercise, meditation and visualisation. Whatever happened, he felt that at least he was getting a great quality of life in the meantime. At the time we went to print last June however, the cancer had come back.

But when Rob Cameron posted a few days ago on his blog, it was with the remarkable news that his cancer has once again disappeared from his body. Cameron says he isn’t sure what elements of the chemotherapy and his “integrative approach” are making the difference, but that something is working.

He says his tolerance of the chemotherapy drug Tarceva is probably related to his integrative approach “and means I can continue to take the drug until the cancer becomes resistant to it and it begins progressing again”.

“Perhaps of more importance I am enjoying life more fully than ‘before cancer’ and feeling as well as I can remember.”

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