Key-J in full effect: the champagne prime minister album covers

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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An image of the prime minister brandishing a bottle of Moet champagne at his son Max’s 18-year-old birthday was all over Facebook and Twitter in New Zealand yesterday.

The photograph, which appears to have originated on Max’s Facebook page, was in most cases reproduced with the young man cropped out. As Key later said, “Someone took a picture of me and him, they cut the bit off with him. Fair enough. That’s what they chose to do, probably out of respect for the fact that he’s a kid, but look if you can’t have a laugh with your kids when they’re 18 years of age then there’s something a bit wrong.”

In the spirit – mostly – of a bit of a laugh, the picture sparked a flurry of caption competitions, but the best embellishments played on the gangsta pose apparently being adopted by John Key.

Such as this:

via @MacFinlay

And, best of all:

via @mcquillanatorz


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One Response to “Key-J in full effect: the champagne prime minister album covers”

  1. Genji May 30 2013, 2:51pm

    Yeah, right. If you can't have a bit of fun as the leader of a country and a role model to boot, then there is something wrong in his head. Perhaps NZ should become a republic so we can get a leader like Obama - a true statesman.
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