Labour in a muddle over election day

By Toby Manhire In Current Affairs, The Internaut

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If today’s announcement by John Key that the general election will be held on September 20 was intended to boost anxiety levels within Labour, it worked a treat – at least insofar as the party’s social media output is an indication.

Within minutes of the prime minister’s announcement, the official Labour Twitter and Facebook accounts unleashed this:

Which is fine, except that it’s 194 days until September 20, not 195.

Still, that was closer to the mark than the corresponding effort from Young Labour. In a since deleted Facebook post (h/t @BradGibbons), they conjured up this:



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2 Responses to “Labour in a muddle over election day”

  1. OneTreeHill Mar 11 2014, 8:57am

    You have outsmarted yourself, Toby. If you count from 10 March it is 27 weeks or 189 days until and counting 14 September. Then add the 6 days 15 to 20 September and you get 195 days. So Labour is correct.
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    • Toby Manhire Mar 11 2014, 10:00am

      Don't think so. The "in x days" formulation never to my knowledge counts the current day. That would be like, say, if your birthday were on Thursday, and it's Tuesday today, saying, "It is my birthday in three days."
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