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30th November, 2012 17 comments

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The winner of the caption competition for this historic Punch cartoon will receive a pack of the champion red (Mud House Pinot Noir 2010), white (Wild Rock Pania Chardonnay 2010) and bubbles (Brancott Estate Sparkling Rosé) from this year’s New World Wine Awards. A record number of gold medals were awarded this year, reflecting the increasing quality of entries in the competition, now in its 10th year.

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Send your captions for the cartoon on the left to:

Entries must be received by 9.00am, Friday, December 7.

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17 Responses to “Cartoon caption competition”

  1. maryjoe Dec 5 2012, 9:05pm

    My apologies sir,we don't have any garlic infused avocado oil in stock !!
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  2. Rapscalion Dec 5 2012, 2:22pm

    Every bar should have a big red Aussie.
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  3. Horn Dec 5 2012, 1:31am

    Sorry, sir, we serve only native-born Australians.
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  4. McKenzie Dec 4 2012, 9:04pm

    Australian: Hey mate, when you gunna start testing them new herbal highs on animals?
    P Dunne: I knew I shouldn't have sneaked a party pill, I swear that kangaroo just spoke!
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  5. Tom.McKernan Dec 4 2012, 12:24pm

    Did you hear the one about the bloke who walked into the apothecary with a sick crocodile under his arm?
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  6. jochchnz Dec 4 2012, 8:55am

    Mr Deans' restorative tonic is it? Are you sure it's supposed to have Arsenic in it?
  7. Shannara Dec 3 2012, 3:19pm

    You understand this is only medicinal. It won't get you hopping all over the outback.
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  8. bones Dec 3 2012, 2:06pm

    Migraine ?......I thought he said migrate
  9. desbo Dec 2 2012, 1:33pm

    I don't know - Martha just said to hop down to the Chemist for me
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  10. carlandjenny Dec 1 2012, 12:54pm

    Do you have a Fly Buys card?
  11. Taleisin Dec 1 2012, 11:19am

    Refresher, please! It's fetid out there.

    Quite so, Sir. Your coat?
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  12. Phillip Dec 1 2012, 8:45am

    Been feeling a bit jumpy lately have we....well this medicine will calm you down a bit
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  13. aliagent Nov 30 2012, 10:32pm

    A Kangaroo walks into a bar.
    Bartender “Wallaby”
    Kangaroo “I’ll have a lager please”.
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  14. rexmcgregor Nov 30 2012, 8:47am

    Impressive references. The job's yours. I'm sure you'll make an excellent bouncer.
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  15. apneric Nov 30 2012, 8:39am

    Honest, I've never bowled underarm in my life. Now how about that malt whiskey?
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  16. BarbaraW Nov 29 2012, 8:05pm

    This will put a spring in your tail.
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  17. Archie Murphy Nov 29 2012, 5:09pm

    Could you hop around for five minutes while I make this up?
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