The End of the World by Brian Turner

By Brian Turner In Poetry

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27th December, 2012 Leave a Comment

When I got to the sign that said
This Way to the End of the World
I asked my friends if they wanted
to go there. One said, ‘I’ve been
there before and I didn’t like it.’
Another said, ‘How did you get back?’
And another said, ‘I hear humanity’s
music and it makes me suspicious.’

I told her that if it was Beethoven’s
Pastorale then I couldn’t wait
to get there. And then I remembered
who I’d been with when I heard it
first, and I wished she was still here.
And because she wasn’t, once again
I felt as if I’d reached the end of the
world, which was why I often long

to turn around and go back, cursing,
wiping tears from my eyes, the tears
they give you when you leave the souvenir
shop at the worst place in the world.

27th December, 2012 Leave a Comment

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