Young cartoonist competition: Punch lines

By The Listener In Culture

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The New Zealand Listener’s inaugural Young Cartoonist Award, run with the New Zealand Cartoon Archive, received a great response from the country’s budding satirists, a small sample of which is shown here. Entrants were asked to submit three cartoons on subjects of their choice, addressing issues of local, national and international importance. Because of the timing of the competition, asset sales, North Korea’s belligerence and quake-related themes received a good deal of attention.

Winners will be announced on the website on May 10 and in the May 18 issue of the magazine.

By Thomas Davidson.

By Maria Brett.

By Regan Nicholls.

By Toby Morris.

By Jeff Bell.

By Joshua Drummond.

By Marc Conaco.

By Regan Nicholls.

By Rebecca Gibbs.

By Cory Mathis.

By Cory Mathis.

By Marc Conaco.

By Alex Parsons.

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