“100% pure” again used to attack NZ environment record

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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NZ Tourism’s “100% pure” campaign – most recently contorted into a Hobbity shape – is becoming routinely invoked to draw attention to environmental shortcomings.

The latest is in a blog at the National Geographic site.

On the Geographic’s Ocean Views blog, Claire Christian of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition writes:

New Zealand enjoys its green image, branding itself as “100% pure.” Yet when it was given an opportunity to make a truly bold move to protect a uniquely undisturbed marine ecosystem, it balked.

Last month, the NZ cabinet rejected a proposed U.S.-NZ plan to turn a large swath of the Ross Sea, which is part of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica, into a no-take marine reserve. The decision came after years of work — both from New Zealand and from the US, whose scientists and officials are also interested in protecting the Ross Sea. The reason? The compromise plan displaced more fishing than NZ was willing to accept.

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