20 essential morsels of advice for NZ Labour

By Toby Manhire In Politics, The Internaut

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David Cunliffe must. Photo/David White

The New Zealand Labour Party released its monetary policy today on a wave of freely offered advice. Here is just a selection of the plentiful media counsel from the last few months (click for source), as generated by NZ searches for “Labour must”, “Labour needs” and “Labour has to” …


Labour must forge its own path, starting by putting its house in order

Labour must determine what it stands for

Labour must drop monetary madness

Labour has to find a way of getting the attention of voters

Labour has to woo the 800,000 who just couldn’t be arsed to vote

Labour have to frame the contest with National as “Labour/Green vs National”

Labour have to keep the door open to NZ First

Labour has to define afresh what it stands for in the wake of a Global Financial Crisis that has driven the last nails into the coffin of the neo-liberal economic orthodoxy that has failed most New Zealanders so thoroughly for the past 30 years

Labour needs to stop scoring points against themselves

Labour needs to lift its game

Labour needs more than anything else to instil self-confidence

Labour needs to make the Pacific a theme in this year’s campaign

Labour needs to revitalise the belief that its staunchly faithful supporters have in them

Labour needs common sense basic policies people get

Labour needs to attract the people back from struggle street

Labour need to urgently reassess and repackage themselves

Labour need to take a page out of the Karl Rove handbook and triangulate National

Labour needs to stop copying US Republicans

Labour need to start talking about their first 100 days

Labour needs to come up with something revolutionary and ballsy


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