43 new names for the North and South Islands

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Plans are afoot to officially assign the South and North Islands their Maori names, Te Waipounamu (the waters of greenstone) and Te Ika-a-Maui (the fish of Maui).

As serious debate develops on the subject, Twitter users inspired by one P Matthews have been generously proffering some alternative names for the country’s two main islands, with the hashtag #nzislands.

These include:


Rivendell and Mordor.

Mono and Stereo.

Analog and Digital.

Past and Present.

Colder and Warmer.

Empty and Full.

Wilderness and Civilisation.

Here and There.

Tahi and Rua.

Mostly and Harmless.

Pretty and Average.

Pretty and Vacant.

Ka and Pai.

Sold and For Sale.

Shake and Bake.

South and Southerer.

Done and Dusted.

Yeah and Nah.

Punching and (above) Our Weight.

Flotsam and Jetsam.

Hokey and Pokey.

Bubble and Squeak.

Choice and Moyse.

Nek and Minute.

South Island and South Island.


Some of My Best Friends Are and I’m Not Racist But.

Truck and Trailer.

Bro and Cuz.

Bigge and No Biggie.

Hide and Seek.

The Island and the Is-land.

Cribs and Baches.

North & South and Metro.

Big Ted and Little Ted.

Manu and Jemima.

Van and Munter.

Hudson and Halls.

Fred and Trev.

Trev and Trevor.

Ken and Ken.

Warner Bros’ Original Mordor and Sky City Presents Hobbiton.

Fish and Ship.

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