Al Jazeera goes to the Waikato

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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It’s always interesting to see how news outlets abroad regard New Zealand’s treaty settlement process.

The huge, Doha-based news channel Al Jazeera has been in the Waikato region, covering the Treaty settlement between the Crown and Ngati Haua, signed on Friday.

If you didn’t know better you might think from the headline that something greater than one, relatively small deal between an iwi and the crown – who have been in direct negotiations for six months – had been achieved:

New Zealand to pay colonial compensation: Kiwis wrap up three-decade long process to pay hundreds of millions to indigenous peoples for colonial injustice.

The piece itself, however, notwithstanding the obligatory Hobbit references, is a good read. Its author is Yasmine Ryan, a New Zealander and former Scoop journalist now at the Qatari news organisation.



The news item, meanwhile, is fronted by the British, Australia-based Al Jazeera correspondent Andrew Thomas, and its opening moments might have come from a BBC reel circa 1962: “This, believe it or not, is a Maori welcome!”

And there’s a helpful clue for pronounciation in the text alongside the video, presumably for the benefit of the news anchor:

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