American in NZ struggles with local duction

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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29th January, 2014 Leave a Comment

The NZ clothes peg.

Liz, a twentysomething blogger from the US, moved recently to Wellington, and has been busy “trying and failing to understand the New Zealand accent, slang and/or vernacular”.

In a widely circulated post at her site Young Adventuress, she outlines with a mixture of bemusement and exasperation her tussle with the strange things that come out of the locals’ mouths.

Such as the early advice that she should hang her washing on the line outside, where she’d find pigs all over the lawn.

The usual suspects are cited: tu meke, chur, sweet as.

The enigmatic yeah, nah. “Points must be awarded to the kiwis for inventing a phrase that means both yes and no at the same time.”

And there’s this: “I am given to understand Dave is used as a one-word reply usually to someone being a dick.”

Really? Knew one to me. And do you mean duck?

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