Clown funding: the Kickstarter disasters

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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The crowfunding platform KickStarter has grown rapidly since its creation four years. But we typically only hear about the brilliant and successful creative projects offering rewards in exchange for dosh. remedies that.

A kind of echo of the much mourned Regretsy, KickFailture states is mission like so: “Bringing you the funniest and the saddest Kickstarter projects ever.” (They also include a few from similar crowdfunding sites, but who’s complaining?)

There’s the gentleman from Milwaukee who says he’s developing a “funnel” that will enable motor cars to run entirely on air. He sought $100,000 to “equip a large SUV with the first proof-of-concept F2 Powertrain System … powered by free air”.

For some reasons, physics maybe, he could only raise $20.


A more modest $650 was all Vincent Lopresti needed to develop his “never-charge batteries” which converts vibrations into energy so that “batteries charge themselves”. Mysteriously, no one pledged a cent.

What’s not to love about the “Goaster” – “an easy to use portable coaster that gets folded up and put on your keychain”? It doesn’t look like the world is ready for portable coasters, because the project to develop the product raised just $121 of $5,000 sought.


And for sheer ambition, you have to hand it to Star Trek fan Henry Fales, who wants to “to Design, Develop and some day build a Starship Enterprise mock up as a research laboratory & test bed for safe scientific studies and advancements in design”. And he needs your help. The design alone, he estimates, will cost $313,550. Hurry, there are but a matter of hours left to pledge – at the time of writing, Mr Fales is only $313,519 from his target.

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