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By Toby Manhire In Politics, The Internaut

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Spoof websites such as this and this may be the fashion in pre-election mischief, but the old-school approach – a defaced political billboard – remains as popular as ever. In my neighbourhood, the signs without some kind of facial adornment or unslightly gouging are in the minority.

A new tumblr has been set up to collect examples of the form.

The new Australian branch of the website Buzzfeed likes them. “New Zealanders Are Vandalizing Their Political Billboards And It’s Awesome,” enthuses the headline above the post by Sydney staffer Brad Esposito.

He’s wrong. On the whole, they’re not awesome at all. Particularly unawesome are the ones that unawesomely stick a Hitler moustache or a swastika on the face of John Key.

There are exceptions. Joshua Drummond’s remake of a Conservative Party billboard with a character from Pulp Fiction is amusing.

This bit of opportunistic guerilla marketing, as tweeted by Taika Waititi, maker of What They Do in the Shadows, is vorth a chuckle.

And – though not strictly a billboard – this, sent to me on Twitter by @globalparochial, is an evocative thought.



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