Fame for Wendy Davis’s pink Mizunos

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Shoes have become an important symbol in politics –usually as to be hurled as a missile of disapprobation at a leader.

But in the latest example, the shoes are being celebrated as a symbol of fortitude – specifically, the fortitude of Texan state senator Wendy Davis, who last week wore a pair of bright red Mizuno Wave Rider sports shoes during her remarkable marathon filibuster that helped scupper the introduction of a restrictive anti-abortion law.

The shoes shot to the top of Amazon.com’s bestseller list (for footwear, that is), and the product page now features more than 300 reviews, almost all of them in some form cheering the politician.


Excerpts from some of the top-ranking reviews:


The next time you have to spend 13 hours on your feet without food, water or bathroom breaks, this is the shoe for you. Guaranteed to outrun patriarchy on race day.


An essential tool for running down the clock in a state 773 miles wide and 790 miles long! These shoes are perfect for those days when you must spend 13+ hours standing, not lean on your desk or take any breaks – even for meals or to use the bathroom. The snazzy hot pink color brings out your inner badassness and helps you to “humbly give voice to thousands of Texans” and stop a “raw abuse of power” in its tracks. Raise a feminist army and lead the charge when your competitors cheat and change the rules on you.


I was in the market for new shoes a few years back. One night I went to the shoe store and ran into this very pushy salesmen. I told him that I was browsing and not quite ready to buy yet. He wouldn’t let up on his sale tactics and forcibly put a pair of shoes on me. I ran out of the store crying, not sure what to do.

Every time I would try to take them off, a man would show up out of nowhere and tell me that if I didn’t want them I shouldn’t have put them on in the first place. When I tried to explain they were forced upon me he would say if they were legitimately forced on me, my body would have rejected them. And if that was the case, i should have taken them off sooner. Luckily I had the means to leave the state. At which point I could finally take those shoes off.


I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to buy or wear shoes like this. But you know, I’m so glad I have the option.


If you live in North Dakota, make sure you purchase these within the first six weeks of your running program or you will be prohibited from purchasing them. It’s for the safety of the shoes.


They are sturdy enough to kick behind, yet classy enough to look good while doing it. I endorse these shoes!


If you are looking for a shoe that will never yield to the floor, pressure or good ol’ fashioned boy’s club bullying this is the shoe for you. It has been tested for hours, opportunities to yield to oppression were presented yet this shoe stayed firmly in place holding up half the sky for 13 hours.


The perfect choice for your any-day-now call to stand yourself up, hydrate, strap on some lumbar support, and speak rationally for a rational cause. Be prepared for greatness. Excellent support for your arches and morale. Not the only footwear choice for defending and representing, but their power to distract (Pink? Red??) is amusing. You might welcome the distraction when you find yourself tediously explaining facts, or playing along with the student council or the neighborhood association’s rigged games.


These are the perfect shoes for standing your ground against misogyny, ignorance, and deliberate stupidity. The cushioning will support you through marathons or filibusters, and the jazzy pink color will remind your opponents that you have style as well as substance. I highly recommend these shoes for those who want to fight sexism and reproductive tyranny by standing firm, kicking a little good ol’ boy ass, and claiming your rights as a an American and a woman.


If you want to be able to stand for extended periods of time, defend rights for a large segment of the population – these are the shoes for you. Remember, capes are so 2012.


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