Gissa job, British American Tobacco. I’m the one dressed up as a cigarette

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Joshua Drummond Bat man

Joshua Drummond as BATman

For his latest trick, Joshua Drummond has dressed up as a cigarette.

Drummond, a Waikato Times columnist, former Nexus editor and half of the late, lamented parody Twitter account @drbrash (whose death was live tweeted a couple of weeks ago to rapt followers a couple of weeks back), has penned an application for a vacant post: Press Relations and Regulatory Affairs Manager at British American Tobacco NZ.

He writes:

In support of my application, please observe my video resume, in which I take it upon myself to spread awareness of your suspiciously delicious, curiously addictive  (albeit cancer-causing) products, through the medium of dressing up as a large ambulatory cigarette, who I shall call B.A.T-Man. I trust this will meet with your total approval. As Freud didn’t say: “sometimes, a man dressed as a large ambulatory cigarette is just a man dressed as a large ambulatory cigarette.”

Rapidly becoming New Zealand’s online answer to Michael Moore (Michael Moore before we got bored with him, obviously), Drummond does indeed take to the smoky streets of Hamilton dressed as BATman, in an attempt to preach the glories of the durry.

Says Drummond:

The thing that really suits me to this role is that I have absolutely no conscience.

He proves this by dumping his long-term girlfriend over the telephone.

He continues:

I want to show you how, as your advertisement says, I can “shine and grow and develop to bring my difference”.

So I took it upon myself to do a little PR work for you, free of charge.

Watch it here.

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