Key’s “thick as batshit” Beckham comments win international headlines

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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David Beckham and John Key at the Sun.

The Sun always shine on John Key: the online front page on Saturday morning NZ time.

The New Zealand prime minister’s off-the-cuff remarks about superstar footballer David Beckham have made headlines in Britain’s two big red-top tabloids, the Mirror and the Sun.

They picked up on a report on the Radio New Zealand site:

During a visit to a high school in Dunedin on Friday Mr Key joked with a group of pupils, saying his son spent 45 minutes with Beckham during the star’s visit.

Mr Key said Beckham was handsome and a really nice guy to spend that long with his son, but was also “thick as batshit”.

The prime minister might well cringe at the international coverage – and especially at being described by the Sun, Britain’s best-selling newspaper, as “David Key” (since corrected).

It was less than a month ago, remember, that the New Zealand prime minister was called “Jeff Key” by the New York Times.

Update: This is getting a bit humiliating for our poor old PM. The Beckshitgate story as reported on the Australian News Limited network appeared, originally at least, with a headline referring to “John Kay”. Are they actually just taking the batshit now?

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2 Responses to “Key’s “thick as batshit” Beckham comments win international headlines”

  1. Nonnailse Nov 4 2012, 10:44am

    For John Key to make such a remark about someone whose life has taken so many parralel paths to his own, is a bit thick too.
    They both seem happily married and both took their young families to USA to better their earning potential. Both were very successful at it and have now returned to their home country.
    When taken to its conclusion, the comparison does more for Beckham than Key - Beckham succeeded at a much younger age to make a bigger fortune, based on his singular ability in his field. He also, at a younger age, became the leader of his chosen pack - and led them well.
    I think John Key should be taught the lesson my dear old mum taught me at a young age: There are many kinds of smarts in this world and they have equal value. You are not better than anyone else just because your brain is wired slightly differently.
    I predict Beckham's name is better know throughout the world and he will be remembered with fondness by many more in 100 year's time. Perhaps the smartest man in this matter is the one who said nothing with dignity.
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  2. Mommut Nov 4 2012, 10:13am

    Bat faeces are anything but thick, Mr Key. Since you don't know shit but still talk about it, how on earth can you be trusted as Prime Minister?
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