Twitter pool party at the Kim Dotcom mansion

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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24th June, 2012 Leave a Comment

Last Tuesday, Kim Dotcom joined Twitter.

Within five days, the man behind Megaupload had topped 30,000 followers.

And on Sunday evening, the New Zealand resident whose extradition on copyright charges is currently being sought by the US, went all Willy Wonka, with a trio of Auckland men being tweeted golden tickets in the form of invitations to his mansion in Coatesville, north of Auckland. For a pool party.

Tech expert Ben Gracewood and Media 7 reporter José Barbosa (and later ad man Vaughn Davis) made their way, disbelievingly, to Dotcom Manor, while the rest of us watched on, disbelievingly, glued to our Twitter feeds.

Here’s how #swimatkims happened.

Twitter pool party at Kim Dotcom’s

Storified by Toby Manhire · Sun, Jun 24 2012 05:11:47

My alleged co-conspirators enjoying a wonderfully sunny Sunday at the Mansion. Dotcom
@KimDotcom do you guys just drive around in modified electric vehicles and pose for photos? I could live like that.nzben
“@nzben: @KimDotcom do you guys just drive around in modified electric vehicles and pose for photos? I could live like that.” Come over now!Kim Dotcom
@nzben !José Barbosa
@KimDotcom seriously? I live out west anyway :)nzben
“@nzben: @KimDotcom seriously? I live out west anyway :)” Seriously! But bring some swimming trunks. Heated pool at 6pm. We tweet live ;-)Kim Dotcom
@KimDotcom ummm ok! The old chrisco place right?nzben
BRB, going for a swim at @KimDotcom’snzben
@KimDotcom Errr, not wanting to push it, but can I bring one friend? Promise he’s a good dude.nzben
Apparently we’re a bit early. #swimatkimsnzben
FFS @nzben made us look totally uncool but turning up two hours early. So embarrassed. #swimatkimsé Barbosa
Sun’s starting to go down. Did @nzben orchestrate all this to get me alone? #swimatkimsJosé Barbosa
Righto, a little embarrassed by the timing mix-up, but heading over to @KimDotcom’s in 10 mins. #swimatkimsnzben
Here we go again … #swimatkimsé Barbosa
Wondering if this is the most elaborate troll in twitter history. #swimatkimsnzben
Getting ready for #swimatkims Dotcom
Jumping in the pool.
#swimatkims fo realz. Pool is warm.
@nzben Where are all the girls? I was told there would be girls. I will leave if the girls don’t show up by 6pm.Robyn Gallagher
Swimming with @nzben and @milkshakebot #swimatkims Dotcom
@KimDotcom @nzben Shit! I think you’ve killed @milkshakebotDylan Reeve
@DylanReeve @kimdotcom @nzben @milkshakebot that or it’s turned into one of *those* pool parties. Look at @nzben’s grin.Toby Manhire
#swimatkims is now trending in #Auckland Auckland
Just did some bombs at @KimDotcom’s. So. Weird. #SwimAtKimsnzben
It’s Miller Time with @nzben and @KimDotcomé Barbosa
This #swimatkims thing is just a hoax Davis
Cultural exchange at the Mansion #swimatkimsé Barbosa
Cupcakes. This is outright debauchery. #swimatkims
I don’t think @milkshakebot is going to make it. #swimAtKims
Damage. #SwimAtKims
I’d totally tell you @KimDotcom’s wifi password but he’d have a minion run me over on a Segway. #swimatkimsVaughn Davis
So, where’s a public hot pool we can hire for the next #SwimAtKims ?nzben
After the swim, warming up. #swimatkimsé Barbosa

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