Maggie Barry standing orders

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Trending topics on Thursday morning

The Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months Paid Leave) Amendment Bill passed its first reading by the narrowest of margins – 61 votes to 60 – last night.

Among a number of impassioned exchanges across the house over Sue Moroney’s bill, former broadcaster Maggie Barry turned National MP shoved her pitchfork deepest in the soil.

During the debate in parliament, the flame-haired member for North Shore questioned Labour list MP Jacinda Ardern’s qualifications for commenting on the bill, given that she has no children.

You can watch the speech by Ardern – who turns 32 today – here.

Along the way, Barry also called Ardern “petal”.

Her remarks triggered a flurry of outrage – mostly from Labour MPs – on Twitter.

And this morning the Twitter response coalesced under the hashtag #maggiebarrystandingorders.

Below, a selection:


Storified by Toby Manhire · Wed, Jul 25 2012 20:01:47

Under #maggiebarrystandingorders only Peter Dunne can speak on planking.Toby Manhire
@toby_etc Only John Key can speak on being gay for Brad Pitt #maggiebarrystandingordersPeter Darlington
Mojo Mathers can’t vote for the Speaker #maggiebarrystandingordersDanyl Mclauchlan
You can only talk about asset sales if you have three TradeMe stars or more. #maggiebarrystandingordersCate Owen
You can only attempt to bridge the gap between NZ and OZ if you’re actually a international bridge maker #maggiebarrystandingordersSimon McManus
MPs wanting to talk about benefit fraud will have to present evidence they’ve done so to the Speaker #maggiebarrystandingordersIdiot/Savant
Only Russel Norman can talk about Australia #maggiebarrystandingordersIdiot/Savant
I take it that under #maggiebarrystandingorders no heterosexual people will be able to talk about same-sex marriage?badtom
No more references to Willie Apiata by MPs who haven’t rescued comrades under enemy fire #maggiebarrystandingordersDanyl Mclauchlan
The pedophilia debate gets very awkward #maggiebarrystandingordersDanyl Mclauchlan
Only John Banks can comment on electoral finance policy #maggiebarrystandingordersRegan Gibbons
Only MPs named Sarah can talk about CERA #maggiebarrystandingordersRichard Irvine
Only #maggiebarry can speak of #maggiebarrystandingordersMarcus Cook
Only Maggie Barry is qualified to talk about people qualified to talk about paid parental leave #parliamenception #maggiebarrystandingordersBrad Gibbons
#maggiebarrystandingorders to cause massive difficulties for legislation relating to the fight club.Lyndon Hood
Only tautologies can be tautologies. #maggiebarrystandingordersJoshua Drummond
Sadly, under #maggiebarrystandingorders, as a woodwork teacher Gerry IS allowed to supervise the rebuild. Sorry, ChristchurchMatthew Poole
Hope all MP’s can vote for #marriageequality even though not all MP’s are gay #maggiebarrystandingordersKATE HAWKESBY
Only Lockwood Smith is allowed to discuss bills relating to children answering quiz questions. #maggiebarrystandingordersbronwyn bent
It’s @jacindaardern’s birthday. I can’t wish her a happy birthday because it’s not mine today #maggiebarrystandingordersDavid ten Have

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  1. Concerned Jul 27 2012, 7:26pm

    I used to have a great deal of respect for Maggie Barry.
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