Mandela death tweet a hoax

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Not only pointless and stupid, but also unoriginal, this has been doing the rounds …

The tweet, purporting to come from “CNN BREAKING NEWS”, has already attracted 1,5000 retweets – and goodness knows how many more retweets since reversed.

A couple of weeks ago another armchair genius created a spoof Piers Morgan account and issued notice of the death of the former South African president, who has been in hospital since June 8. His condition has reportedly deterioriated recently.

And there was an even earlier death hoax in 2011.

Pranks are good, but this is just idiotic.

There is also a report on the “Las Vegas Guardian Express” announcing that Mandela died on Tuesday, which is unsourced and seemingly dispreputable. So we won’t link to that.

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