Mastery no more: GCSB drops mawkish slogan

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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12th June, 2013 Leave a Comment

At last the GCSB can be said to have done something that is unequivocally a good idea. They’ve binned the slogan “Mastery of Cyberspace – for the security of New Zealand”.

Until recently, it graced just about every page of their website.

Here, for example, is the home page of the New Zealand agency from February, as recorded by the Wayback Machine:

Even before they got mired in controversy the slogan looked stupid, the kind of words you’d put in the mouth of a spoof villain in a screwball comedy. Someone’s twigged, because here is the more sober, less utterly embarrassing homepage of today:


Hard to say what prompted the change. Possibly someone pointed out that it could be taken as slightly chilling, or authoritarian, or whatever. Or someone pointed out that it was daft and cringeworthy. Doesn’t bother me. I’m just relieved they’ve erased it.

Note also that the introductory words from Ian Fletcher have been tweaked – presumably in an attempt to make it sound more like a positive contributor. Or something. Anyway, good move, GCSB!


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