New Taika Waititi drug-driving ad wins plaudits

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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A new television commercial by Boy director Taika Waititi confirms New Zealand’s status as producer of the “best public service ads in the world”, according to the respected, and often harsh, advertising blogger Copyranter.

Copyranter, who recently moved to the Buzzfeed stable, calls Waititi’s drug-driving ad “a perfect little stoner play put on by three adorable children”.

Titled “Blazed — Drug-Driving in Aotearoa” … this spot is an instant Advertising Hall of Fame Drugs PSA classic.

These kids are so perfect, so natural — this is how you do a drugs ad, unlike all the laughably ineffective, preachy American drug PSAs.

It sits proudly alongside “Legend” (aka “Ghost Chips) – “one of the best drunk-driving ads I’ve ever seen”.

Waititi, meanwhile, continues his global domination of the kids-in-cars genre.

The original, brilliant Two Cars, One Night, from 2003:


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