New York Times notices New Zealand PM’s Hollywood visit

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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What a weekend for plucky little New Zealand in the world’s most famous newspaper.

The Hobbity tourism industry enjoyed a long and enthusiastic write-up in the travel pages. It was so gushing that it would be churlish to quibble about the New York Times’s advice that Matamata is “pronounced MAW-da MAW-da”.

There’s more. John Key’s Hollywood sortie was the subject of a post on the NY Times’s Media Decoder blog, which helpfully let us know that the PM was “looking resolute and serious in a dark suit and tie”.

Hurray and all that. Just one thing. The trail to the piece from the front page of the site’s global edition read like this:

Maybe they were confusing Our John with this guy:

That’s Jeff Key of South West Florida, who can provide music for your wedding, private party or vacation. Easy mistake to make.

And John Key is in good company – sort of. Another bloke mistakenly called Jeff was that Darth Vader (skip to about 2.50):

h/t @nkean; Vader h/t @qot_nz

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