New Zealand MP identifies Finland as a military threat

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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5th April, 2012 8 comments

Richard Prosser, a recent graduate from the Gerry Brownlee college of comedy, has been doing a new routine to a captive audience of tens in the nation’s highest democratic assembly.

I post the clip above with some trepidation, and a steely straight face – which actually isn’t terribly difficult – given the requirement that “coverage of proceedings must not be used in any medium for … satire, ridicule or denigration” (more here).

Meanwhile here’s some context about the debate and vote on the repeal of the 1915 Military Manoeuvres Act, cribbed from a NZ Herald article of last night:

Questions were raised about the best use of parliament’s time today as MPs debated whether to repeal a WWI law that has not been used in 30 years.

The Military Manoeuvres Act was enacted in 1915 to deal with mobilisation for World War I, and enabled the Governor-General to declare any land available for a period specified for military manoeuvres.

National MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi launched a member’s bill in 2010 to get rid of the outdated law, and tonight the Military Manoeuvres Act Repeal Bill passed its final reading, 111 votes to eight …

New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser used the opportunity to make fun of comments previously made about Finland by Cabinet Minister Gerry Brownlee, informing the House that his party was unable to support the bill due to the impending military threat posed by Finland.

“Thanks – or perhaps it should be no thanks – to recent comments made by the Leader of the House, it is possible that Finland may now harbour hostile intentions towards this country,” Mr Prosser said.

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8 Responses to “New Zealand MP identifies Finland as a military threat”

  1. Janne Pollari Apr 12 2012, 3:06am

    Live by the sword die by the sword. (Miekka = Sword)

    This song was made for more than 20 years ago, but still the message is timeless. Listen a little bit of old Finnish rock music. We are not a threat.
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  2. Ilkka Aaltonen Apr 9 2012, 7:23am

    Fuck with us we surely fuck with you ;)
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  3. Manta Dontaro Apr 7 2012, 7:07pm

    These guys in the north of europe is a tribal race which has nothing of european. They behaviour is based on instincts, it follows a set of own intelligence based on a common understanding and own set mutual understanding, this you wont be able to be part of or even understanding it s working rules if you are not born in it. The principle of functionement is based on self efficiency and a strong sence of individualism, the society of a solitaire and lonely personn. They are stubborn and usually preatty depressive sad. The like living alone, they fancy of peace, in facto their country is a sanctuary of souls which we are not really able to analyse and understand the fonctionement, from an external point view these are the same myths that care the slave people such as africans moved to Usa containing small hopes of surviving mood. They satisfy of not much, except taken in the nasty games of selfish abuse which the whole race seem to suffer at an outraging level, nobody can be better so all has to be equivalent, with a sort of communist role and playing the nasty rules of the liberal market, this makes it a preatty selfdestructive “hernekeitto” which they degustate pea soup in english.
    They are mostly trustfull and commited to do what has to be done ” on the paper ” personnal and interpersonnal level, be carefull of their selfishness. This is surely and mostly the only people who has paid it s debt of war to their great loved eastern neighbor. Relations to east has been growing better sence, but still tend to stay red lighted with the of “ryssä”.
    The attitude is slowly changing, but the place is good to live, secure and efficient in all basic services. The people lack of social behaviours and find themselves struggling on their own with a heavy sence of self culpability, assuming to sad ends such as violence under alchool and other criminality levels such a extreme school shootings. The initial sadness comes also and rises up in a very young stage from their education, it is keeping a lot of lacks in the show of emotions which they tend to hide inside themselves.
    A strong movement of feminisim is growing in the country to aquire certain rights and priviledges which has been rebuild by the force of ladies post war. The feminism movement can be considered currently as a destructive force as it has gained it is over limited values long time ago.

    The comments of your politic is surely true but certain key elements are to be known when he puts the subject on the table, he talks of results, before this I believe he will have to evaluate where these factors are from such as stated in the past lines.

    Finns find the evaluation of critism towards their society an insult, they hardly aquire a sence of metaphysics due to the development of their linguist based on very pragmatical and rationnal terminology, you might find it easier to explain what you mean taking just concrete exemples, the use of as they call it “kapulakieli” a basic language.

    Finnish is a basic language and a primitive society.
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  4. Ole Lindberg Apr 7 2012, 6:11pm

    If a state of war existed between New Zealand and Finland in the 1940s, does anybody know whether a peace treaty was concluded? Perhaps the two countries are still att war....
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  5. Petri Ålander Apr 7 2012, 4:18am

    Btw, I was just informed by a former brother-in-arms (a Kiwi officer) from Bosnia, that you actually had a Commander of your Armed Forces, who was Finnish born...

    Also, the comments of Bill Ralston kind of hit the target. Why wouldn't we take all benefits out of this dispute?

    Let's declare war to each other!

    That would bring our nations (separately) together and hence boost our economies.

    When I was training Estonian (our linquistic and genetic brothers) officers-to-be in our National Defence Institute in 1993, just after their independence, they quite seriously stated, that Estonia had only two choises for their security policy; Joining NATO or declaring war against Finland and surrendering after two hours (only one hour was concidered as a signal of weakness...)
    That way Finland would have taken the responsibility to defend Estonia against Russia, which we have certainly done for the Swedes for centuries, and to pay the bill to rebuild the whole country...

    Thank god they did the NATO.

    I think we could have a short war, and either you or us could surrender (depending who has the money to get the fuel for the ships). We would anyway get a combination country, where you can do both skiing and surfing all year around!!!

    Finland actually had some hopes to get Namibia for her colony after the second world war (Because of a very long missionary involment). Unfortunately it was turned down by the League of Nations, leaving Namibia the only place in Africa, where you can call your child "Matti" or "Pekka" without being Finnish.

    We have the most boring country in the world as our neighbours. Norway.
    Seriously. Norway is officially the most boring country in the world, and you come in that survey as second.

    It must be the fjords... ;-P
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  6. Petri Ålander Apr 7 2012, 12:19am

    Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!!

    You'll never know which of those "Swedish" bungee-jumping tourists are actually Finnish special forces operatives doing recce job for our future invasion, or if your Nokia-phones have actually in-built espionage programs and self-destruction devices...

    Be Very, Very Afraid!!! ;-P

    Petri Ålander, Major, Finnish Armed Forces (ret.)
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  7. Janne Pollari Apr 6 2012, 11:39pm

    During World War II New Zealand declared war against Finland. Finland has never declared war against New Zealand!

    So who is a military threat?
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  8. Dugald Martin Apr 6 2012, 10:34am

    Richard Tosser more likely!
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