Novopay: accurate, every time. Apart from the inevitable errors

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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3rd September, 2012 2 comments

New Zealand teachers could be forgiven for double-checking the elastic in their overdrafts this week, with Novopay, the controversial new national payroll system, facing an almighty examination on Wednesday.

Principals have expressed concern about the ability of the new system, which cost an estimated $29.4 million, to issue salary payments worth about $420 million to 90,000 people. Some have privately suggested as many as 30-40 employees in larger schools could encounter problems with their digital pay cheques.

Are the Novopay people confident?

Well, put it this way.

In the New Zealand Education Gazette (not online), dated August 27, Novopay were boasting:

As long as schools get their data in before the scheduled cut-off, then their employees will be paid accurately, on time, every time.

Yet today, on the Novopay site, comes this:

With a payroll of this size and complexity, errors inevitably occur …

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2 Responses to “Novopay: accurate, every time. Apart from the inevitable errors”

  1. SandyG Sep 18 2012, 8:01pm

    For the second time I have received full salary even though I am on leave. I have not had any contact with Novapay and the pay clerk at my school says they are almost impossible to get hold of. I do not want to be accumulating funds I am not entitled to and my school has not budgeted to be paying someone who is not currently on the payroll. Get it right for goodness sake!
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  2. Petallic Sep 5 2012, 4:21pm

    It seems to be a bit chaotic at the moment in that money has arrived in my account, but I have no idea which days and hours I have actually been paid for.
    As a reliever, my hours worked can vary from 3 hours to a full day, sometimes being on one day a week and other times for an entire week. They really need to send a Pay Advice slip through the email as the previous pay authority did, preferably before pay day. No such pay slip has arrived even though the pay went in around midnight on the Tuesday for the Wednesday pay day.
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