NZ “digital nomad” preaches suitcase entrepreneurship

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Natalie Sisson is a “digital nomad”. Homeless but gainfully employed, the 36-year-old New Zealander travels the world working as an online business developer and advisor.

Her blog – and upcoming book of the same name – is The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

“I have about eight revenue streams,” she tells Yahoo News’s Farnoosh Torabi. “My blog brings in some form of advertising and affiliate marketing. I have digital products and programs for sale. I do coaching, and it’s all online through Skype.”

On her blog, where she describes NZ, a little puzzlingly, as her “hometown”, Sisson explains herself like this:

A multi-faceted multi-potentialite woman intent on changing my world, and yours for the better. I love learning and then passing on that knowledge here. I heart entrepreneurship.

Sisson has “transformed that blog into a six-figure business, appearing at speaking engagements and teaching social media marketing and online entrepreneurship to others through live events and workshops”, writes Torabi.

To date, Natalie’s traveled to 66 countries, visiting 15 in 2013 alone, with her longest stay in Berlin for two months. She holds passports in two countries and has permanent resident status in a third. Plus, she has bank accounts in four countries and has collected 17 SIM cards for her mobile phone. But her jet-setting lifestyle isn’t without challenge.

Apparently she also “saves as much as $2,000 a month because she doesn’t have typical living expenses, and she keeps her travel cheap by rooming with locals or friends”. Good for her – although if she’s earning all that money, I hope she leaves her hosts a nice bottle of wine.

Update: a clarification from Sisson, via Twitter:

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