NZ rugby mad? Check out the front page in Wales

By Toby Manhire In Sport, The Internaut

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Anyone who thinks the parochialism and rugby fanaticism might at times get overdone in New Zealand newspapers would do well to look at recent front pages in the Welsh Western Mail.

There was no containing the excitement the morning after The Land of My Fathers triumphed over the land of stolen slave spirituals in the deciding match of the Six Nations competition. Wales monstered England by 30 points to 3, inspiring this:

It’s a continuation of a theme on the newspaper’s outside front. The most striking of the lot is the front-page editorial below, which appeared upon Wales’s exit from the World Cup in New Zealand in 2011.

And some more:



Many of the cover images above come via David Higgerson, who blogged last year on the Western Mail’s rugby splashes as “works of art”.

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