“Pakeha Party” launched – a new voice for non-racism

By Toby Manhire In Politics, The Internaut

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The non-racist “Pakeha Party” begins, as is de rigueur for non-racist political movements, with a Facebook page. Soon we’ll be calling it the Pakeha Spring.

The Non-Racist Pakeha Spring.

As the person running the page – which is illustrated with a non-racist image of James Cook’s Endeavour – repeatedly insists, they’re not racist. Not Racist.

For example:

We are NOT a racist party – this party is for those who want to move on together into the future as one people.

Oh, and this:

I wouldn’t even know what racism was if the Maori didn’t keep bleeding on about it. What? Am I racist because I have a small white dog instead of a big black one?

Coverage of the new non-racist party meanwhile sparks this non-racist post:

Media are ALL over this now – if we get portrayed as a racist party then they haven’t looked at it closely enough. Brace Yourselves NZ!

Which in turn attracts non-racist comments from non-racist supporters such as this:

yea fuck what anyone else thinks if there can be a moari party an it not be racist then why can’t we have one this country is so fucked

And this:

Some Marries are the biggest hypocrites. That’s the problem

An appeal for T-shirt slogan ideas sees a healthy burst of non-racist brainstorming. Including “everything will be all white”.

To which the non-racist Pakeha Party replies: “racist but lol”.

And if anyone should doubt that the Pakeha Party is not racist, just look at their name: it’s in Maori, as they point out. Take that.

Moreover, the non-racism is made abundantly clear in the slogan atop the non-racist Facebook page, which displays disdain for colonialism by flipping the bird at the English language:

“If the Maori get it, we want it to!” Yeah! But want it to what? The missing word, almost certainly, is “thrive”.

Update, 5.30pm: Duncan Garner spoke to one party co-founder this afternoon on RadioLive, prompting a bizarre  response from the other founder.


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3 Responses to ““Pakeha Party” launched – a new voice for non-racism”

  1. NickR Jul 10 2013, 12:39am

    If Maori get it, we want it too!

    About time someone proposed this.

    Let's start with forcing pakeha to sell their land at firesale prices. If they refuse, we can send in the army, and if they fight back, we'll confiscate it 'cos they're rebels, eh?

    Then we can burn their churches, erode their sovereignty, and beat anyone who speaks English in a school. We could always fill their skulls with millet seed and see how clever they really are. Hmm. What else? Maybe a few museums to remember their curious culture by.

    Not racist. Just for equality. Lol.
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  2. spmcarroll@gmail.com Jul 9 2013, 11:05pm

    I enjoy that your main argument for the supposed deep discrimination you are suffering is due to your lack of eligibility for benefits. Wake up white New Zealand, you are so unbelievable privileged that it is inconceivable to me that you could possibly feel justified in complaining about your lot.
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  3. bella.m31 Jul 9 2013, 9:18am

    Until the Maori (or the government - not sure which) stop segregating themselves then this reverse racism will never stop.... but I guess that's what they want since they get a lot of benefits out of it.
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