Politics is just like the All Blacks – John Key

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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The All Black captain with Richie McCaw.

John Key on Labour’s 4% unemployment target:

“I can have a dream of becoming an All Black, too. But the probability of Steve Hansen naming me in the squad coming up in the next few months is next to zero.”

Press conference, May 12, 2014


John Key on a fourth National term:

“You can get ahead of yourself, and you know, you see that with the All Blacks from time-to-time. They’ve been thinking about the World Cup final when they’ve been in the semi-final and then they don’t actually get there.”

TV3, April 8, 2014


On education reforms:

“Key compared the new roles to the All Blacks, saying that they still use their expert players and lead players to mentor other team members, despite being the best rugby team in the world.”

TV3, January 13, 2014


John Key on the election of a new parliamentary speaker

“We are, of course, the recipients of the Rugby World Cup, and so at that great moment can I take this opportunity to throw in the analogy that the Speaker of the House is somewhat like a good rugby referee.”

Parliament, December 20, 2011


John Key on signing the Maori Party into coalition:

“It’s a little like the All Blacks – we would be there by one. But one can sometimes be a little tight for comfort, so it’s nice to have those extra three votes.”

TV3, December 11, 2011


John Key on opposition questions:

“It is a little bit like the All Black backline: there are lots of options with Dan Carter, but there is no Dan Carter right at the moment.”

Parliament, October 5, 2011


John Key on the primary sector:

“It is often said on sports talkback that when the Auckland rugby team is strong the All Blacks are strong. As an ardent Auckland and Blues supporter I think that’s absolutely correct! I also think a similar statement is just as correct – that when the primary sector is strong the New Zealand economy is strong.”

Address to NZ Large Herds Association Conference, April 21, 2007


John Key MP on the fifth Labour government:

“They know that when their time is up in 2005, they — like the All Blacks on Saturday night — would have blown a wonderful opportunity and will have to step aside and let a real party like the National Party take New Zealand to the great heights we once enjoyed and will enjoy again.”

Parliament, November 19, 2003

(Just for the record, it wouldn’t much surprise me if you’d find the same sort of results should you search Helen Clark or earlier PMs’ statements.)


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