Royals in NZ: the oddest press coverage so far

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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1. By now just about everyone will have enjoyed a chuckle at the Express (and the Telegraph, since deleted) sharing with readers news about Maori performers reluctantly agreeing to cover up their bits for a royal audience. And the potential for a major international incident should the leaf be incorrectly picked up on the marae. And the likelihood the prince would be served kereru. Whether Mr Tredegar Hall was having a laugh or gravely misquoted, no harm was ultimately done.


2. The Independent’s error is comparatively minor, but still amusing.


3. From the Telegraph, Kate shows us just how strong and supportive a wife she is …

(via Ana Samways)


4. Again from the Telegraph, if anything is going to wake republican agitators from their slumber, it’s a daft headline like this …


5. The royal tour, Cosmo-style. And the NZ flag overhaul is done and dusted, it appears.

6. Britain’s Daily Star puts it all in perspective:

7. And here’s the best tweet so far. It’s all about the details.

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