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By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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11th June, 2013 Leave a Comment

Last seen in mainstream headlines being pursued, French-farce-style, by a swivel-eyed Colin Craig waving legal threats, New Zealand newest and very possibly best news satire website is clearly craving the spotlight once again.

It is launching a political party.

Inspired by the travails of dear old Peter Dunne, The Citizen is inviting readers to sign up, so that they might helpfully demonstrate to the United Future leader that “getting 500 members to form a political party isn’t actually that hard when you really put your mind to it”.

The initiative was launched minutes before Peter Dunne announced his resignation on Friday afternoon, so it might be a little harder now for the Ohariu MP, but he needs all the help he can get.

The Civilian Party might also prove, hopes Ben Uffindell in his Lincoln-esque declaration of intent, an example to other media organs.

“For too long now,” he thunders, “have our nation’s newspapers sat idly by and not become political parties.”

Time and time again the fourth estate “hasn’t openly prostituted itself for political gain”.

Enough is enough.

“The Civilian was the first newspaper to be printed online,” rasps Uffindell. “Well no longer. The Civilian was the first newspaper to be printed online. It was the first newspaper to reveal the winner of X Factor. It was the first newspaper to get a journalist to call John Boscawen. And with your help, we’ll become the first newspaper to become a political party.”

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