Seven of the best and strangest alarm clocks

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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8th August, 2013 Leave a Comment

The perfect gift for the avaricious lazybones in your life: the Money Shredding Alarm Clock.

Inspired by the illustration above and created by US electronics enthusiast Rich Olson, the alarm clock – a video clip of which has attracted thousands of views – not only beeps excruciatingly at the assigned time; it also starts destroying banknotes.

Oliver Burkeman, author of the weekly “This column will change your life” for the Guardian, notes that the invention neatly encapsulates the argument of a new book by Jonathan Crary, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, which bemoans the attack on slumber in the modern world.

“In a consumer society, the official point of life is to make money, then use it to buy things. Lazing in bed sets you back in this interminable rat race,” summarises Burkeman. “The Money Shredding Alarm Clock simply makes all that more literal: you snooze, you lose.”


Seven of the best – or most remarkable, at least – alarm clocks in action:

1. The Money-Shredding Alarm Clock

2. The Bed-Shaking Alarm Clock aka The World’s Biggest Alarm Clock

3. The Flying Alarm Clock (this one is actually for sale)

4. The Runaway Alarm Clock (Clocky)

5. The Rocket Alarm Clock

6. The Puzzle Alarm Clock

7. The World’s Loudest Alarm Clock

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