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It may be pushing it to declare a correlation between antediluvian attitudes and a poor grasp of grammar, but consider, all the same, an extraordinary report in the Salt Lake Tribune, which tells the story of a social media specialist for an English-as-a-second-language school who wrote a blog post for their official site on the subject of homophones, which are, as you know, words which sound the same but have different meanings.


Dangerous sounds.

What happened next?

“He was let go for creating the perception that the school promoted a gay agenda.”

It continues:

Tim Torkildson says after he wrote the blog on the website of his employer, Nomen Global Language Center, his boss and Nomen owner Clarke Woodger, called him into his office and told him he was fired. As Torkildson tells it, Woodger said he could not trust him and that the blog about homophones was the last straw. “Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality,” Woodger complained, according to Torkildson.

Woodger disputes this version of events – presumably he regards it as a tall tail.

The former employee, meanwhile, is having a tough time of it. From Newsweek:

Torkildson, who is homeless and living in a friend’s basement, said his immediate plans were to apply for food stamps and for local health insurance to deal with health problems.

“Food, shelter—the basic concerns are what I’m concerned with right now,” he said.

Still, he shrugged off the dismissal and said it wasn’t the strangest thing he’s been fired for. “I worked for a radio station in Kansas. They fired me for wearing a bow tie instead of a necktie. The station manager called that insubordination.”

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