Tau Henare launches speaker bid on Twitter

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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The outspoken and sometimes idiosyncratic National list MP Tau Henare has begun an unlikely campaign for the role of parliamentary speaker.

The former NZ First MP and Man of Te Atatu confirmed he’d like the job in response to a tweet from the Listener‘s Jane Clifton, and went on to set out his stall – again on Twitter. For he is, after all, as christened by the NZ Herald, NZ’s “Minister of Twitter”.

He’s serious about it, too – Henare has informed the prime minister of his ambition, according to the tabloid compact Herald this morning.

Does he have a chance? Unlikely: chances are it will be a two-horse race between Maurice Williamson and David Carter to replace Lockwood Smith when he rocks off to London and the penthouse views of the High Commission. But, god knows, Tau is sure to make it more entertaining.

Tau Henare Twitter bid for speaker

Storified by Toby Manhire · Sun, Sep 09 2012 15:40:24

@tauhenare Is it true you’re making a run for Speaker post-Lockie? U wd look ok in the platinum blonde wig #batmancapeabonusJane Clifton
@rumpole3 it is.West Side Tory
I spose being in parly for 5 terms, 2 as Electorate and 3 as list, Chair of Select com, Minister, mbr of small party and big, qualifies me.West Side Tory
I want to uphold the Mana of the House of representatives as well as show folks that people from all walks of life can succeed.West Side Tory
I also think its really important to take the House of Reps out to people alot more. How can people be interested if they dont know?West Side Tory
I chair a committee without a govt majority, i have experience in working with all sides. #SpeakerHoRWest Side Tory
I am on #teamTau cc @tauhenareJordan McCluskey
@tauhenare what happened to it? BTW, you are sounding very statesman like tonight.Jami-Lee Ross
@jamileeross Well bro, its like this, i think ive got what it takes to be Speaker HoR. Youve been on my committee. You know what its like.West Side Tory

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