Team Key: nappies and vomit bags since a few days ago

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Suddenly the done thing is to launch an election campaign not just with a slogan, but also a hashtag. Truly, this is an indulgent age.

The weekend before last, the National Party unleashed their big words: “Working for New Zealand”, supported by the hashtag-ready “Team Key”.

via National Party Flickr.

via National Party Flickr.

In the last few days, however, another “Team Key” Facebook page has been unearthed, and cheerfully shared about the place.


The English language note explains, “Teamkey we are top class dealers of waste products. Thank you.”

And those products included sanitary pads, nappies, gloves, and a “vomit bag”.


The latest addition, this morning:


The posts feature New Zealand commenters taking the opportunity to guffaw at this most unfortunate coincidence, with the Chinese page administrator replying apologetically in broken English.

Too awkward to be true?


The copy for the gloves is a bit of a giveaway.

TEAMKEY have cleaning gloves. Best gloves for cleaning dirty things you might need to clean. Dirty things are important to hide, so people think you are clean. These gloves are blue. TEAMKEY color are blue also, we like to hide our dirt with our blue gloves. Thank you.

The Chinese language used is, according to speakers, unpersuasive.

And Facebook helpfully will tell you when the page was created: four days ago.

joinedBut if you’re still doubting, compare this cheerful scene …


… with this, from the Washington Post in 2011:


Someone has put a lot of work into the page, and it’s an impressive spoof (one observer suspects it could be the work of Team Dotcom; the Internet Party brand manager says it’s not theirs), even if the “Chinglish” stuff is pushing it in terms of racial stereotypes.

Still, there’s always, the “I am a Key” page.


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