The brutal truth about job titles

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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27th April, 2014 Leave a Comment

Among the new virtual goodies at, a site that chiefly boasts parodies of traditional Hallmark-style greeting cards, is a selection devoted to translating job titles – what FastCo calls “a series of brutally honest job titles to restore order to a world gone mad with euphemism”.

Such as:

Social Media Strategist – person with the Twitter password

Head of IT – director of turning things on and off

Brand Ambassador – professional conference attender

Chief Financial Officer – developer in charge of strategies for saying no

Chief Executive Office – lead developer of narcissistic personality disorder

On the subject of professional euphemism and gobbledegook, an account in the latest Werewolf, “Treating staff like children”, suggests the form is alive and well at Te Papa.


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