The cost of Vogue living?

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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29th June, 2014 Leave a Comment

magsdollarsWhat would it cost to really live up to the aspirations of a glossy magazine?

Intrigued by the sheer volume of products featured in the editorial pages of US magazines, US journalist and blogger Noah Veltman calculated what it would cost to buy them all.

Shopping for everything on show in the June edition of O, the Oprah Magazine, not including the advertising, will set you back US $34,676, Cosmopolitan $40,246 and Outside $81,420.

Via Quartz:


Real Simple is relatively true to its name, at $15, 851. InStyle is steeper, at $148,909, and was the most crowded with products, at an average of four a page.

The priciest he inspected, however, was Vogue, on $343,368.

Just as well he didn’t read any car magazines.


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