The Friday quiz, 02.11.12

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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2nd November, 2012 Leave a Comment

1. Which state’s newspaper devoted five articles to the new James Bond film, Skyfall, gushing over the “beautiful Bond girls” and “essential vodka martinis”?

2. What news event is this photo, from Mashable, all about?

3. Which film-maker endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency because he can “finally put this country back on the path to the zombie apocalypse”?

4. “I wish to offer the people of New York a sincere, humble and unconditional apology. During a natural disaster that threatened the entire city, I made a series of irresponsible and inaccurate tweets.”

Which Twitter user, who sparked Hurricane Sandy rumours that duped mainstream media in the US, made the above statement?

5. Flooding has claimed 148 lives, and an estimated 134,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes. Where?


1. Vatican City’s L’Osservatore Romano.

2. Disney’s purchase of LucasFilm, for $4 billion. It was also reported that we’re about to be hit on the head with Star Wars Episode 7.

3. Joss Wheldon.

4. @comfortablysmug. More here.

5. Nigeria.

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