The Friday quiz, 05.10.12

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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5th October, 2012 Leave a Comment

1. Ikea have come under attack over their catalogue in Saudi Arabia, which erased photos of what?

2. What does this graph illustrate?

3. Organisers of the Californian music festival Coachella offered to alter their event in what way in an attempt to persuade Morrissey to reunite with Johnny Marr and headline the festival?

4. In a document released this week, the New Zealand intelligence agency GCSB misspelled its own name. How?

5. Mad magazine produced a spoof version of a classic New Yorker cover this week, taking the mickey out of which recent cock-up?


1. Women.

2. The ratings for The Ridges.

3. Make it a 100% vegetarian event.

4. GCBS. (Snigger.)

5. The Apple maps debacle.

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