The Friday quiz, 09.11.12

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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9th November, 2012 Leave a Comment

1. Who wrote on Twitter that the US election was “a total sham and a travesty”, that “our nation is a once great nation divided” and that “the world is laughing at us”, calling for a “revolution in this country”?

2. This map illustrates the central idea of a new book by Stuart Laycock. Which is what?

3. What special day, inspired by the New Zealand prime minister, is being held today?

4. Which New Zealander wrote the analysis below?

Obamarx libeled Mitt Romney as a murderer, a felon, a sociopath who didn’t hug his garbage-collector … Obamullah directed operatives charged with protecting Americans from Islamosavages in Libya to “stand down,” leading to the deaths of several Americans, including an ambassador, and the trashing of an American consulate … Obama is “The Anti-American President” … Ayn Rand is the antithesis of such evil irrationality. When VP nominee Paul Ryan’s earlier enthusiasm for Rand was raised by the shills for socialism in the mainstream media, Romney made him disavow it. Republicans, liberty-lovers are tired of your respectable wimps. We are tired of your pandering to filth.

5. This tweet sparked a rather funny series of followup jokes, all beginning with the same three words that are here redacted. Which are what?


1. Donald Trump.

2. The countries that have been invaded by Britain, ie almost 90% of the world’s nations.

3. Gay Red Shirt Day. (Strictly it should be Gay Red Top Day, but let’s not split hairs.)

4. Lindsay Perigo.

5. Drunk Nate Silver.

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