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The Friday quiz, 23.11.12

1. Lawyers for Lord McAlpine, who was wrongly accused of being a paedophile recently, have sent a letter to the hundreds of Twitter users who libelled him. Most are being asked to make a small donation to charity, but those who have more than how many followers are expected to face a steeper claim for damages?

2. This man is on a bus in which city?

3. What new record did this photo, from November 7, set?

4. Who cracked a turkey-and-statistics-based joke this week, saying, “Once again, Nate Silver completely nailed it. The guy’s amazing. He predicted these guys would win.”

5. “With the stir-crazy hacks piling into the free alcohol and wondering how they would get a story, it was perhaps inevitable that they would start chanting, ‘Just one quote!’, while one of them stripped naked and streaked through the plane.” That describes just one part of events aboard a promotional junket for which singer?


1. 500 [1].

2. Melbourne [2]. He unleashed a torrent of racial abuse that was captured on video and posted online, attracting hundreds of thousands of views.

3. The most retweeted [3] (or shared, or liked) photograph of all time. It’s currently sitting at about 818,000 retweets.

4. Barack Obama [4].

5. Rihanna [5].