The internet – as seen from the future

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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“The Internet was one of the greatest disasters to befall mankind,” runs the introduction from a video at the UK humour site  Poke. “Now its survivors tell their story.”

The trailer for this “landmark documentary” tells the terrifying story of humanity gripped by a pernicious force.


And here are a handful of other insightful explanations of the internet …

From Fast Compnay, a flowchart detailing How to explain the internet to a 19th century street urchin (click for full size).

From Explosm:

And famously, from XKCD:

Mind you, who really understands the internet? Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt doesn’t. So he said to Stephen Colbert the other day. Colbert had a decent explanation for thing: “a series of tubes”.


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