The Zucks of tomorrow say Facebook will prevail

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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15th February, 2014 Leave a Comment

Facebook’s invention reinvented in film The Social Network

A decade after Facebook was born in a campus cybermanger, Harvard University is recalling those heady early days. The Harvard Crimson boasts a long feature on the genesis of the social network.

The German paper Die Welt (via WorldCrunch) meanwhile sent reporter Tina Kaiser to the site’s birthplace, Harvard University. The computer science students she meets remain desperate to emulate Mark Zuckerberg, and committed to his invention.

“The smart, tech-savvy next generation,” she writes, “are helping to cement the future for the famous former Harvard student … If you ask around the campus today, everybody expresses the same opinion: Facebook is ubiquitous”.

It might be everywhere, but it is these days supplemented by a bunch of other tools, especially for information deemed too private.

One student, a 21-year-old Finnish statistics major, applies the mum-test. “She been my Facebook friend for a while now. If I was going to be embarrassed by my mother finding out about something, then maybe it’s better I simply don’t post it.”



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