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By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Jeremy Meeks, of the mythical model contract

Jeremy Meeks, of the mythical model contract

You will probably not find it hard to believe that a lot of things are wrong on the internet.

A parade of celebrities, for example, have had their deaths in New Zealand profoundly exaggerated.

The go-to site for checking online myths and misinformation is Snopes, but Washington Post bloggger Caitlin Dewey has been compiling a useful running feature “What was fake on the Internet this week”, providing a “debunk of fake photos, misleading headlines and bad studies”.

A selection from the last few weeks:

“Hot felon” Jeremy Meeks did not get a modelling contract.

A popular Glee actor did not get sacked.

“Bubbling” is not a big Australian trend”.

No one was arrested for “calling her ex too often”.

The sun is not smiling at you.

Parents are not strapping their children to a an “anti-masturbation cross”.

Bikers did not “surrender” the Brooklyn Bridge to pedestrians.

Chicago teens did not riot after seeing horror film The Purge.

There aren’t sharks in Lake Ontario.

Air Force 1 was not shot down over Russia.

Miley Cyrus is not dead.

There are no pregnant tarantulas roaming South Brooklyn.

There is no such thing as a Fried Chicken Oreo.

Climate change isn’t driving redheads to extinction.

Facebook isn’t about to purge inactive accounts.

There is no Dexter–inspired serial killer stalking Denver.

And the moon landing didn’t not happen.


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