Wanted: passengers for Titanic II. Ticket includes potato stew and delousing

By Toby Manhire In The Internaut

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Clive Palmer’s Titanic II.

Super-rich Australian mining magnate and MP Clive Palmer has come up with a solution to that tricky problem of what to spend all the dosh on.

And it’s a solution that seems obvious when you think about it: construct a full-size replica of the Titanic and sail it across the Atlantic.

The boat, scheduled to sail from Southampton to New York in 2017, is currently being built in China.

“Palmer has made concessions to the 20th century in the ship’s design but remains adamant that everything on board is a faithful reproduction,” reports the Brisbane Courier-Mail. “He has even got hold of the training manuals for silver service waiters who will be required to serve vegetables in a prescribed manner.”

But the project faces its first iceberg – or “potential hiccup”, at least – in filling the third-class quarters, notes Emily Yoshida, who confesses being filled with “horror and delight” at Palmer’s enterprise at the sport and culture site Grantland.

A thousand of the 2,500 tickets aboard the Titanic II will entitle the holder to sardine-like accommodation and a diet of potato stew.

He hopes to “recreate the experience of those hopeful immigrants”, and encourages potential travellers to think of it as an “adventure holiday”. One more rule: all third-classers get deloused on arrival.

“And,” says Palmer, “they will be deloused.”

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